Diffusers vs Scented Candles

As more and more individuals become increasingly fascinated and interested with incorporating aromatherapy into their lifestyle, along with more and more options being presented, leads to additional questions and debates being raised. Today we will talk about and compare diffusers and scented candles.

Which will last me longer in terms of usage?

If you’re looking to incorporate aromatherapy into your life long term, definitely invest in a good diffuser and keep up with regular cleaning maintenance to keep it in tip top shape. Scented candles initially cost less than diffusers but if you’re using it frequently, you will realize that you’re constantly restocking them and when you do the math, it actually costs more in the long run.

Which will provide a stronger and longer lasting scent?

Scented candles do emit a stronger scent quicker when it is lit up but fades quickly when the flame is out. Whilst diffusers do take a little more time before you’re able to enjoy the scent, the emitted scent may not be as strong but it is emitted at a more consistant rate that also lasts longer. Diffusers also come with adjustable mist and timer settings so you can adjust those variables to your liking whereas it’s not quite possible to do that with scented candles.

Which is safer?

Although scented candles may be significantly kinder to your electricity bill, it does come with the setback of safety hazards. With scented candles, you do need to worry about the hot melted wax, the open flame, and the glass if it falls or is knocked over. This is particularly more hazardous if you have curious and energetic pets as well as young children living with you. Whereas diffusers do not require flame and many of them in the market currently have an auto-off switch when the water runs out, therefore preventing overheating and possible short circuit, making them also ideal to use during bedtime.

Which is better if my priority is a healthy lifestyle?

Scented candles may present to you more variety in terms of different scents that you won’t get with essential oils, and they may smell wonderful, this is a fine choice if your priority is about nice smelling space. But if you’re looking for medicinal and therapeutic benefits on top of a pleasant scent, you will want to use pure essential oils and disperse it via a diffuser.

What about the aesthetics?

This perspective does come down to the individual itself as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Both diffusers and scented candles do come in a variation of designs and colors. However, if you like decorating, you will definitely have more choices and ideas with scented candles compared to diffusers.

Both diffusers and scented candles have their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, it is your decision whichever you decide to incorporate into your lifestyle and wellness routine. Now that we’ve gone through the little debate and discussion, is it easier to make your choice?