Essential Oil Blends for Spring (2024 Edition)

In just a blink of an eye, spring is just around the corner. How time flies! Here are a few essential oil blends to welcome spring 2022 and also help with those who suffer from hay fever. For diffusers with the standard capacity, 100ml, use 4-5 drops of essential oils. For 200ml water capacity, you may use 6-9 drops.

Petitgrain + Tea Tree + Grapefruit

The green and slightly tart scent of petitgrain is emotionally uplifting and a natural stress reliever. One of the main constituent of tea tree, pinene, possesses anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties to assist with allergies and easier breathing. Grapefruit can help lift your spirits and combat fatigue with its tangy and citrusy scent.

  • 100ml water
    • 2 drops petitgrain/tea tree
    • 2 drops grapefruit
  • 200ml water
    • 3 drops lavender
    • 3 drops tea tree
    • 3 drops grapefruit

*If you don’t have petitgrain or don’t like woody scents, you can use lavender. You can also substitute grapefruit for other citrus oils.

Jasmine + Cypress + Bergamot

There is something incredibly calming about the floral and exotic scent of jasmine and you don’t need much to experience its mood elevating properties, too. Spring is the time for fresh green scents, inhaling cypress invigorates the senses and helps achieve emotional stability. Add the beautifully complex bergamot to the blend to experience a stimulating bliss.

  • 100ml water
    • 2 drops jasmine
    • 2 drops bergamot
  • 200ml water
    • 2 drops ylang ylang
    • 2 drops lavender
    • 4 drops bergamot

*If you don’t have jasmine, you can use ylang ylang isntead. You can substitute bergamot with other citrus oils.

Eucalyptus + Lavender + Mandarin

Eucalyptus can be found in VapoRub because of its natural decongesting properties. Furthermore, its minty and woodsy scent is rejuvenating on the senses. Lavender doesn’t only soothe headaches and insomnia, its floral and herbaceous scent also soothes allergies. Mandarin adds some sweetness and citrusy notes to the blend while facilitating relaxation.

  • 100ml water
    • 2 drops eucalyptus/2 drops lavender
    • 2 drops mandarin
  • 200ml water
    • 3 drops spearmint
    • 3 drops lavender
    • 3 drops mandarin

*If you don’t have eucalyptus, you can use spearmint or ravintsara instead. You can substitute mandarin for other citrus oils.

Rose + Frankincense + Lemon

Diffuse this blend at the end of your day to unwind. Rose is often associated with romance for its deep and sweet scent; it is also wonderful sleep aid and mood enhancer. Frankincense with its balsamic and slightly spicy scent is a popular choice for meditation and spiritual practice. Lemon’s crisp and bright aroma eliminates airborne bacteria and negative moods.

  • 100ml water
    • 2 drops geranium/frankincese
    • 2 drops lemon
  • 200ml water
    • 2 drops rose
    • 3 drops frankincense
    • 3 drops lemon

*If you don’t have rose, you can use geranium instead.

Melissa + Citronella + Geranium

Melissa, or lemon balm oil, has a refreshing and lemony aroma that just screams joy when diffused. Citronella deodorises indoor environments with its clean and grassy scent, and repel those pesky bugs as well. Geranium doesn’t only help diminish stressful feelings and thoughts, but also boosts cognitive function for better concentration and productivity.

  • 100ml water
    • 2 drops citronella
    • 2 drops geranium
  • 200ml water
    • 2 drops melissa
    • 2 drops lemongrass
    • 4 drops geranium

*Pure unadulterated Melissa can be very expensive, so it is fine to omit it. You can substitute citronella for lemongrass.

Diffuse these blends for not more than 30-60 minutes at a time with plenty of break time in between. Don’t forget to practice with care and diffuse in moderation. Consult a health care or medical professional if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition.

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