The Right Way to Apply Essential Oils and their Benefits

There are many ways to use essential oils and still enjoy the numerous benefits it has to offer. Despite their popularity and extensive uses, there are still many questions raised about how they should be used. With basic understanding about its precaution and guidelines combined with a passion for learning, you will get your questions answered in no time.


You can enjoy the emotional benefits via inhalation. The aroma of the essential oils penetrates deep into our minds, the limbic system, and creates an emotionally grounding atmosphere for our senses. Given the concentrated nature of essential oils, you can inhale straight from the bottle with the cap sealed and still get a good whiff of the aroma. You can also enjoy them in the form of a weekly facial steam to promote circulation and clear congestion if any.

Diffuser/Diffuser Blends 

Another way to take advantage of the emotional benefits of essentials via inhalation is to use a diffuser. Follow the essential oil’s manufacturer instructions and use them accordingly. You can just stick with one or use a combination of oils for a more colorful scent profile and also more benefits. Here are a few for you to try out:

  • To improve your mood:
    100ml water + 2 drops bergamot + 2 drops mandarin + 1 drop jasmine (optional)
  • To improve mental focus and clarity:
    100ml water + 2 drops clary sage/ frankincense + 2 drops lime
  • To facilitate easier breathing while eliminating stale odors:
    100ml water + 3 drops tea tree/ juniper berry + 2 drops lavender

Roller/Roll-on bottle

Many brands sell roll-on single oils and blends, targeting consumers who are always on the move but want or need to incorporate essential oils into their routine. The roll-ons are essential oils that are diluted with carrier oils such as jojoba oil or sweet almond oil, making it convenient for direct application. You can also make your own by simply filling a small (10-15ml) dark colored glass roller or roll-on bottle with your choice of carrier oil and adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil, applying it the same way you would with a perfume.


You can purchase a ready-made aromatherapy massage blend or dilute your favorite essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice. If you have a partner, roommate or family member to help you, that would be an added bonus. Massaging stimulates healthy blood circulation to soothe sore muscles, stiff shoulders and back, flatulence, aching joints and headaches. Alternatively, you can also get an aromatherapy massage done at a massage centre.

Room spray

You can create your own essential oil room spray by combining water, grain alcohol or vodka or witch hazel with your choice of essential oil or oils. Just make sure to use a dark colored glass bottle as essential oils are corrosive to plastic and also to prevent oxidation. This is a simple and convenient way to freshen up the room, getting rid of any stale odors and creating a tranquil environment. You can also spray lightly in your car, on your linen or on your curtains.

The phrases “everything in moderation”, “less is more” and “a little goes a long way” are the key mindset you want to have when using essential oils. You can do your own research on essential oils online by reading our other articles. If you still have doubts, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and you can consult a qualified aromatherapist or health care professional.