The Top 6 Essential Oils for Travel

If you could only bring 6 bottles of essential oils with you on your next trip, which would you choose? You love essential oils and you love traveling. Traveling can be exciting or nerve wrecking, maybe even a combination of both, depending on where and why you’re traveling. Whether it’s for leisure or for business, these essential oils could help make your trip better. Here are the ones you should consider.


If you’re experiencing restlessness, nervousness, jetlag, physical discomfort from sitting in a rigid position for too long such as bus seats and airplane seats, the relaxing floral scent of lavender can address these issues. Furthermore, if you’re traveling with hyperactive children, the sedating properties can help calm them down.


If you’re traveling a lot during the pandemic, the antioxidants from lemon can help boost your immune system to prevent you from getting ill easily. The vibrant and crisp scent facilitates easier breathing for stuffy environments while providing relief for nausea. It also doubles as a room freshener if you come across stale smelling hotel rooms.


If you’re traveling often and for business, peppermint is your go to. The refreshing minty scent clears mind fog, reduces headaches if any for improved focus. Its expectorant properties clear the nasal passageway for more relaxed breathing and congestion if any. Additionally, diluted peppermint can alleviate muscular and joint discomfort.


Another go to for business would be rosemary. Its evergreen and herbaceous scent can alleviate fatigue, stress and nervousness for a more vibrant outlook before your meetings. At the same time, it stimulates the cognitive function for enhanced mental clarity, insight and alertness.


Speaking of herbs, sage is another ideal option for traveling to combat drowsiness, jet lag and any mental distractions. Its clean and piquant smell along with its anti-bacterial properties makes it an ideal air freshener for off smelling environments. Alternatively, you can also bring along a DIY spray containing sage oil to use as a linen spray or general disinfectant.


Although ginger can be used all year round, the warmth and spiciness makes it a great choice if you’re traveling during the colder seasons or to somewhere cold. Via inhalation, it eases nausea, anxiety and difficulty breathing. Via topical application, it can help with menstrual discomfort, bloating and muscle sore muscles. As it is categorized as “hot” oil, do thread with caution when using it topically.

Alternately, if you are worried about essential oils spilling in the luggage, you could bring a 10-15ml dark colored glass roll-on bottle filled with your choice of carrier oil and your choice of essential oils. Roll them onto pulse points like you would for a perfume. And for the blends, try this combination:

  • Equal drops of peppermint + rosemary + lemon + carrier oil of choice to fill
  • Equal drops of sage + ginger + lavender + carrier oil of choice to fill

Before traveling, you could also give these oils a test run by using them on a regular day to see the difference they make. Remember to practice with precaution and stay safe!