Top Essential Oil Subscription Boxes (with customer feedback)

Essential oil subscription boxes are great as you can experiment with different scents as some brands offer their members different oils every time, if you are new to essential oils and you want to test the waters, and the oils are delivered to your front door without you having to go through the hassle of shopping. Here are a few for you to try out:

ECO Modern Essentials – Eco Oil Club

ECO Modern Essentials are environmentally friendly with the recyclable packaging, as well as being cruelty free and vegan. The Eco Oil Club is delivered once every 2 months, for 6 times a year. The subscription box consists of:

  • 5 bottles of a mixture of pure essential oils and essential oil blends x 10ml
  • 1 bottle of witch hazel x 100ml

Customers love it as they get a bang for their buck, high quality oils with reasonable prices. They also recommend it for first timers buying subscription boxes as well first timers trying out essential oils and blends.

Plant Therapy – Oil of the Month Club

The Oil of the Month Club consists of undiluted single essential oils or synergies that are currently not being sold by Plant Therapy, and it is exclusive for members who are subscribed. There is a “one-time purchase” option if you wish to try the oil but do not wish to be subscribed.

However, those who are subscribed will receive a 25% monthly discount on the exclusive oils as well as a new oil to try out every month. Customers love the surprise of a different oil every month, and do think it is a good way to try new scents without having to go through the hassle of choosing between so many oils.

Love Thy Oils – Oily Subscription Box

Love Thy Oils is Australian made and has a flexible subscription box that allows you to cancel whenever. The Oily Subscription Box is delivered once every 3 months, for 4 times a year. The subscription box consists of:

  • 8 bottles of a mixture of pure essential oils and essential oil blends x 10ml
  • How to book to provide guidelines and recipes

There has been nothing but good reviews on their official website. Customers praises Love Thy Oils for the effort put into the subscription boxes, they are n love with the oils and think it’s worth the money.

Simply Earth – Essential Oil Recipe Box

Simply Earth offers a commitment-free subscription for their monthly boxes. Their monthly essential oil boxes come with essential oils and blends, as well as other wellness products. They also offer fun recipes with the box. Even better, you get a free big bonus box with extra goodies in it.

Customers love the amazing value for money as they’re getting an additional box with their first purchase, it is great for individuals who enjoy DIY and customers also praise the customer service.

Did any of these intrigue you? If a subscription feels like too much a commitment at this point, you can always opt for a one time purchase, or a starter kit. Essential oils can be beneficial for your emotional health and wellness but remember to practice with precaution and use in moderation.