Essential Oils to Kick Start the Day

While some people are more energetic in the daytime, there are some people who are more energetic at night, whereas there are some people who don’t feel energetic regardless of the time. Nevertheless, the following essential oils can be used at the beginning of your day to kick start your morning, or night (if you have night shifts), to perk you up and energize you.

Peru Balsam

Peru balsam essential oil has a rich balsamic scent that is both soothing and stimulating. It creates a calm atmosphere to assist with easier breathing as well as emotional distress. The oil does tend thicker compared to other essential oils so be aware when using it in a nebulizer diffuser.

Sweet Basil

Throughout history, the herb is believed to have an enlivening effect on the mind. Its crisp and herbaceous scent stimulates the cognitive function, enhancing mental clarity and sharpness for a more vibrant outlook. Furthermore, sweet basil essential oil can also be used to eliminate stale odors and repel insects.

Black Pepper

Black pepper essential oil should be avoided before bedtime as it is known to improve boost mental alertness and stamina. However, this stimulating effect makes it perfect for kick starting your day. The warm and peppery scent is excellent for waking up the senses and reducing sluggishness.


The spicy and woody scent has a fortifying effect on your senses. You can diffuse this alone or combine with other essential oils to alleviate stress, tension and fatigue. Furthermore, cardamom essential oil can be helpful for individuals who struggle with motion sickness, car sickness and seasickness.


Extracted from the resin of the Copaifera officinalis tree, native to South America, copaiba essential oil is beneficial to both physical and mental health. The abundance of antioxidants and antibacterial properties supports the immune system, whereas its deep and earthy aroma is emotionally grounding and relaxing.


With a long history in Ayurverdic medicine for its healing nature to treat multiple concerns and ailments, davana essential oil’s extensive uses ranges from providing relief coughs and colds, nausea, indigestion and PMS. Additionally, its strong fruity scent can help quiet the mind and calm the nerves, subsequently clarifying the mind and reducing stress.


Diffusing sage essential oil to start your day encourages healthier digestion while facilitating a healthier respiratory system to prevent coughs and colds whilst addressing ongoing ones. Its fresh and herbaceous scent cleanses the environment while establishing serenity to help with achieving emotional stability. It can also help soothe headaches, mood swings and nausea.


The citrusy and grassy scent of lemongrass has an uplifting effect on the mind and body, making one feel refreshed and renewed. Moreover, it helps perk up the senses by giving a boost of mental energy to heighten mental alertness while combating lethargy, tension and low moods.

Nobody wants to start their day feeling anxious, irritated, on edge or tense. Therefore, finding the right essential oil to diffuse at the beginning of your day can have a positive impact on your mood and mindset. When it comes to essential oils, less is more. Remember to practice with care.