Sweet Smelling Essential Oil Blends

As the title suggests, here are a few sweet smelling essential oil blends for those who enjoy sweet, and some even sugary, smells. They don’t just smell wonderful, they are also emotionally helpful. For diffusers with the standard capacity, 100ml, use 4-5 drops of essential oils. For 200ml water capacity, you may use 6-9 drops.

Jasmine + Tangerine

The deep and rich scent of jasmine has a positive impact on cognitive activity and mood. The strength of the aroma can be overpowering for some, offsetting it with something sweet and tangy such as tangerine tones down the headiness of the aroma as well as accentuate the mood enhancing effects.

  • 100ml water
    • 2 drops jasmine
    • 3 drops tangerine
  • 200ml water
    • 3 drops neroli
    • 5 drops tangerine

*If you don’t have jasmine, you can use neroli

Peru Balsam + Copaiba + Lemon

Peru balsam has a rich vanilla-like scent that is helpful for facilitating easier breathing and reducing stress. Copaiba’s sweet and delicate scent is emotionally uplifting and grounding, ideal to be diffused during meditation or times where extra focus is required. Lemon can be used to energize and fight off sluggishness.

  • 100ml water
    • 2 drops peru balsam/copaiba
    • 2 drops lemon
  • 200ml water
    • 3 drops vanilla
    • 3 drops copaiba
    • 3 drops lemon

*If you don’t have peru balsam, you can use vanilla

Vanilla + Cinnamon + Nutmeg

You’ll find that many sweet treats and desserts uses vanilla extract or essence along with cinnamon as they give off this hypnotically sweet and warm aroma. When combined with nutmeg, it adds to the existing sweetness but also a touch of woodiness and spice that makes it all the more comforting – especially around Christmas!

  • 100ml water
    • 2 drops vanilla
    • 2 drops cinnamon/nutmeg
  • 200ml water
    • 2 drops vanilla
    • 2 drops allspice
    • 4 drops sweet orange

*Allspice is a mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and black pepper, which therefore can replace cinnamon and nutmeg in the mixture and add a little extra flavor to the scent. Sweet orange balances out hot oils very well.

Citronella + Lavender + Lime

Citronella’s grassy and floral scent helps combat fatigue and keeps pesky bugs away. Lavender creates a relaxing environment to induce calmness and peacefulness with its sweet and floral scent. Lime’s bright and citrus scent has an invigorating effect on the senses, alleviating negative moods and stimulating mental energy.

  • 100ml water
    • 2 drops citronella/lavender
    • 2 drops lime
  • 200ml water

*If you don’t have citronella, you can use lemongrass instead. You can replace lime or lavender with other citrus oils as well.

Grapefruit + Ylang Ylang

Grapefruit’s sweet and citrusy scent is stimulating without being overpowering. It can help address sluggishness and nervousness for a more vibrant outlook. Ylang ylang possesses an exotic, sweet and slightly fruity scent that pairs beautifully with grapefruit, and is excellent for promoting calmness and elevating mood.

  • 100ml water
    • 2 drops grapefruit
    • 2 drops ylang ylang
  • 200ml water
    • 4 drops grapefruit
    • 2 drops ylang ylang
    • 2 drops rose absolute

*You can also add rose to the mix or use it as a substitute for ylang ylang, geranium

Diffuse these blends for 30 minutes at the start of your day to perk and freshen you up. Diffuse them at the end of your day to unwind and recharge. Don’t forget to practice with care. Consult a health care or medical professional if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition.